Love your breasts

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This applies to you men too, because although less common in men, men can get breast cancer. On the yoga blog you will find some yoga poses to help keep the breasts healthy.  Here we will think about some other ways to help stay healthy and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  • Check your breasts regularly.  Firstly stand in front of a mirror and check your breasts noticing their size, shape and colour.  It is by examining your breasts regularly that you become familiar with what is normal and notice immediately any changes.  If you are over 50 you will have routine screening but it is still important to check your breasts as screening is only every 3 years.  After the visual check you can examine your breasts either lying down or in the shower with the pads of you first two fingers, using your right hand to check your left breast, left hand to check your right breast. Do not forget to check the lymph glands under your armpits. For more details see
  • Maintain a healthy weight - eat a variety of wholegrains such as quinoa, brown rice, bulgar wheat etc,  plenty of fruit and vegetables for antioxidants, beans and lentils, fortified milk alternatives such as soya, rice or almond milks.  A vegan diet is ideal  but If you are not vegan wild salmon is a good addition to your diet.  Avoid or limit red meat (if you do have red meat make sure it is organic) and especially avoid processed meat. Eat only organic poultry.  Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar.  Do not eat charred foods which are carcinogenic.
  • Exercise - the indications are that breast cancer can reduce your risk of breast cancer by up to a third.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Find alternatives to HRT such as organic soya milk, tofu, and soy beans.  Yoga also will help you through the menopause. You might want to practice my yoga videos on YouTube below:-
 Yoga for Women-Yoga for the menopause-  v=7ObAu5lDcpY&list=PLS4Wjf00I4uwk4J_NzAsY_U5gFYLCL1An&index=3
Yoga for Women-Yoga for the menopause-2
Yoga for Women-Post menopause yoga
  • Wear a well fitting bra.  A badly fitting bra will impede circulation of blood and lymph to the breasts. This circulation is important for removal of toxic waste.
Please see my yoga blog, Flexiladiesyoga for my yoga article 'October is breast cancer awareness month'- 

Stay healthy, stay happy
Janet x

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