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On Flexiladies Yoga this week we are thinking about the health of our spines.  There is a yoga video on how to maintain the flexibility of the spine and an accompanying article and video  on how yoga can help maintain the health of the spine  In the coming weeks there will be two more videos on this topic.  Below are some more ways you can keep your back healthy.  

  • Exercise - not only does exercise strengthen the muscles that support the spine but also realeases endorphins which are the 'feel good' hormones which reduce any discomfort in the back.  Yoga is ideal (see above)
  • Be a healthy weight - being overweight puts stain on all the joints including the vertebrae of the back.  
  • Take steps to reduce stress with yoga, meditation, Tai Chi or relaxation techniques - stress creates tension in the muscles around the spine which could lead to poor alignment in the spine.
  • Don't smoke - this reduces circulation to the spine. 
  • Change your mattress at least every 10 years and do your reseach so that you choose the right mattress for you.  Turn your mattress regularly and if you sleep on your back consider sleeping with a pillow/rolled up towel under your knees which takes the strain off your back.  
  • Both high heels and ballet pumps are not good news for your back so limit use (sorry ladies!)
  • If you carry a shoulder bag/man bag distribute the weight by having the strap on the  
  • When lifting heavy objects bend your knees.
  • Take steps to prevent osteoporosis (see my article 'Love your bones' )

Be healthy, be happy
Janet x

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