Rosacea-stop seeing red

You think you have left skin problems behind you once you are through your teens, then in your 40s you get rosacea.  Your skin becomes flushed, you may have a rash that resembles acne and you have an unpleasant burning sensation on your face.  More women than men are affected.  Acne treatments do not work for rosacea and may even make it worse.  

The sun can often cause a rosacea flare up, so wear a sun cream with an SPF of 50 in both summer and winter.  

Some products in cosmetics and cleansers may cause irritation. Alcohol, witch hazel, and tocepherol acetate may irritate rosacea but irritants can be personal to you so it may be a case of trial and error.  Make up should be non-comedogenic (pore blocking) and for severe rosacea camouflage make up is available.  Men should use an electric razor rather than a blade.

Often rosacea is a signal that immunity is poor and this is often caused by stress.  Your 40s can be a stressful time as you try to juggle looking after children, a job, and often aging parents.  Olive leaf extract may help boost immunity.  It is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which can help with the flushing.  Be aware that your symptoms may worsen before they get better as your body detoxes.  Olive leaf extract should not be used if you are pregnant or have low blood pressure. Relaxation techniques, yoga, breathing techniques and Tai chi can all help reduce stress and so boost immunity.

It is also thought that a tiny mite, demodex folliculorum, which we all have living on our skin may be involved. It may be that some people have an abnormal immune response to this normal part of our skin flora.

Some foods and drinks can cause a rosacea flare up. These include alcohol, caffeine, hot drinks, chocolate, and spicy food.  It may well be worth keeping a food diary to find out which foods cause a flare up.  For instance some people react to avocado, spinach, aubergine, soy and soy products but you may not want to cut these healthy foods out if they do not cause flare ups for you.

A diet that encourages gut flora balance may help.  This means no sugar as this can lead to an overgrowth of candida which 'crowds out' the beneficial bacteria.  Some foods such as saurkraut on the other hand encourage the good bacteria to grow.  A probiotic supplement may help.  

An anti-inflammatory diet may help. A Mediterranean diet would fit the bill here, that is a diet that includes a 'rainbow' of fruit and vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids (see, nuts and seeds, beans,lentils, no sugar, and no saturated fat.

You may need to avoid foods that contain histamine such as bananas.

Although there is no 'cure' for rosacea, there is a great deal you can do to avoid flare ups. 

Hope this article helps.

Janet x

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