Crystals for chakra healing - Heart chakra

Your chakras are energy vortexes, where many energy channels meet. There are seven of them arranged in a line down your body and they control not only your bodily functions but your emotions.

In this blog post, I look at how crystals can be used to balance the heart chakra which is located at the centre of the chest.  

When in balance we are compassionate, loving, accepting of others and joyful. Physical signs that this chakra is blocked include blood pressure problems, heart or lung issues or poor circulation.  Other signs of a blocked heart chakra include feeling unworthy, feeling fearful, relationship issues, dwelling on past hurts, or self-loathing.

Crystals for healing this chakra include rose quartz, jade and green tourmaline. 

Rose quartz for heart chakra healing

For healing this chakra sit with a crystal for the heart chakra held at your heart, gently close your eyes and listen to this loving kindness meditation on my YouTube Channel 

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Be happy, be healthy,
Janet x

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