Crystals for chakra healing - sacral chakra

Your chakras are energy vortexes, where many energy channels meet. There are seven of them arranged in a line down your body and they control not only your bodily functions but your emotions.

In this blog post we will be balancing the sacral chakra which is located two inches below your naval.The sacral chakra is your pleasure centre associated with creativity, abundance, fun and an ability to adapt to changing circumstances. When out of balance you may have lower back pain, urinary infections, reproductive problems, emotional issues, poor relationships, lack creativity and fun in your life.

Crystals that can help bring balance to this chakra include citrine, amber and orange calcite.

Try placing your crystal for the sacral chakra two inch below your naval as you lie and do the following meditation. It is helpful to record the meditation and play it back to yourself.  

Lie back and allow your body to become relaxed, muscles melting away from the bones. Bring your attention to your breath and without trying to change your breath in any way, just watch your breath as it moves in and out of your body.  As you continue watching your breath, your breath will notice that your breath starts to settle into a smooth, natural, rhythmical pattern. Allow a little time for this to happen............

Now sinking below the level of awareness of the breath, imagine you are taking an evening stroll by a lake. By the edge of the lake gentle waves lap on the bank and the reeds further along gently swish in a soft breeze, together making a pleasantly soothing sound. Sit by the lake and enjoy the peacefulness of it. The sun is starting to go down now casting an orange glow on the lake. Sit down on a bench and enjoy the tranquility.

Now imagine the orange glow on the lake concentrating into an orange light which beams down on your crystal.  As your crystal fills with orange light, imagine the light from the crystal entering into your body, filling your body with orange light. Feel how the orange light imparts joy to your whole being and enjoy this feeling. 

At the end of your meditation, deepen your breath and gently opening your eyes stretch in any way you need to in order to awaken your body. Turn onto your right side, drawing your knees up and rest there before coming back to seated.
Please make sure that you are fully awake before continuing with your day.

You may also like to heal your sacral chakra through yoga. Please see 'Cultivate Creativity'

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Be happy,
Janet x

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