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This week's yoga video on my YouTube channel is a chakra balancing flow 'Mindfulness-Mindful of your energy body'. We cover all of the chakras to allow you to become mindful of where our energy flow is 'stuck'. Please see the link below for my 'sister' blog.

Our minds have a tendency to flit from one thought to another- thoughts of what we need to do, thoughts of what has happened, thoughts of what might happen etc, etc. just like a monkey flitting from tree to tree.
Did you know that your brain uses 20% of your body's energy? If we can calm our minds therefore, we will have more energy as well as enhanced mental clarity and a greater sense of wellbeing.
Try this yoga sequence on my 'sister' blog to help calm your 'monkey mind'.

Halloween Special-Kids yoga on my 'sister' blog.

This week's yoga myth and legend is about Dancer Pose. Please read the story and practice the pose on my 'sister' blog.

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