Down at the allotment: autumn maintenance

You may think that there is not much to do on the allotment or in the garden at this time of year but autumn is the perfect time to do a little maintenance. We have already planted several crops for next year and these are growing already. Please see 'Down at the allotment'
We are also still harvesting the last of the celeriac and kale.  

Recently we have been given some raspberry canes and autumn is a good time to plant them. Plant your raspberry canes about 12 inch apart and to a depth of 3 inch, spreading out the roots. Now our allotment is in a windy location. We were concerned that our raspberry canes may fall down in the strong winds we have been experiencing lately so we made a support for the canes. To do this hammer two posts into the ground at either end of your row of raspberries. If you are good with a drill you could insert bolts in the posts to thread metal wire through. We wrapped the wire around one post, stretched it to the other post, wrapped it around that then looped it back to the first post in order to have two wires to tie the canes to. When the canes begin to grow in Spring, you may want to add another wire higher up.

I've noticed that several people who have allotments are using this time to enrich their soil with manure, so that is another job you may want to do.

When the weather is too awful to even contemplate the allotment/garden, what could be nicer than cosying up with a hot drink and some seed catalogues to plan next year's fruit and vegetable gardening.

Happy days
Janet x

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