Ginger is a warming spice and I often add to it to stir-fries, soups, curries and smoothies. 

Ginger is not only a tasty addition to recipes but it also has many health benefits.  

Ginger is good for nausea. When I was pregnant, many years ago, I discovered ginger biscuits relieved the morning sickness. Although I would not recommend this way of having ginger now because of the sugar, I do know that ginger helps morning sickness! If you are pregnant however, I would advise you to consult your doctor before taking any herbal preparation. Ginger is also good for other gastrointestinal irritation because it relaxes the digestive tract, stimulates saliva, gastric juices and bile and helps eliminate gas.  

Ginger's other benefit is that it is anti-inflammatory and so can help with such conditions as arthritis, asthma.  In fact inflammation underlies many health conditions.

A great way to have ginger is as a tea. Peel and chop a 5cm piece of fresh ginger and place in a saucepan with 2 cups water. Bring to the boil and reduce heat to simmer for 15 minutes. Sweeten with stevia if desired.  Make two cups.  You may have 2 cups daily if you wish.

Stay healthy,
Janet x

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