The organic fruit and vegetable garden year begins - tomatoes,apple trees and potatoes

February is the time to start your tomato seeds off in the greenhouse.  If you do not have a greenhouse you could start them off on a sunny windowsill- a conservatory would also be ideal. This year we are growing a variety called Superb, which is a sweet salad tomato with a long growing season and variety called Super Sweet 100 which is a cherry sized tomato. This was not the original plan which was to grow varieties called Sakura, a salad tomato and Sun Grape, which grown in grape-like bunches.  We duly planted these up and placed them on some racking in the greenhouse only to hear the racking come crashing down a few moments later! You never know they might germinate in the soil under the racking!

Whatever variety you growing tomatoes, fill some pots loosely with compost and water. Once watered the compost will fill the pot to about three-quarters full. Place one seed in each pot and loosely cover with compost. Clingfilm your pots to create a 'mini-greenhouse' and leave to germinate.

We also bought two apple trees yesterday, very cheaply at a local supermarket- one is Golden Delicious, the other Gala, both of which are dessert apples and these we have planted at the allotment.  Apple trees can be planted anytime from September to May, except when there is a frost. Water them in well.

If you are going to grow 'first early' potatoes now is the time to 'chit' them.  Please see Organic Gardening Update This year we are growing a variety called Arran Pilot which is a good all rounder. We are going to plant the potatoes in our raised bed this year. 

Happy gardening!
Janet x

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