Natural travel first aid kit - bug bites

Recently I was lucky enough to go walking in the Howardian Hills with a black alpaca called Luca.  It was a wonderful experience but in my excitement I forgot to put any insect repellant on.  As a result I was bitten several times. Please see 'Essential oils for summer' 

As the saying goes, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'- but if you get caught out like I did, try one of the following:-
  • Lavender essential oil is my top choice.  It reduces the inflammation of the bite, helps reduce the itching and is anti-microbial.  Dilute in a carrier oil.  It should not be used near the eyes or mouth. Please see 'Natural Remedies - Lavender Essential Oil' -
  • Aloe vera gel is also anti-inflammatory and will help soothe the itching.  Please see 'Aloe vera - nature's skin soother' -
  • Calendula is anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturising.  It is available as a cream-look in the baby department of your local pharmacy.
  • Tea tree essential oil or witch hazel are antiseptic and so will help prevent the bite getting infected. If you use tea tree essential oil dilute in a carrier oil.
  • Camomile is also anti-inflammatory.  To use it on a bug bite boil some strong camomile tea  - use more that one teabag and just enough water to cover them.  Allow to cool then apply to the bite with some lint or a cloth.
Please note try a patch of skin 24 hours before use as essential oils may cause skin allergies in some people. Also they are not intended for young children, people who are pregnant or suffering from any health problem. Consult an aromatherapist for advice. Do not use near your eyes.

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Janet x

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