Summer ices 2 - apple crumble nice cream - dairy free and no added sugar

I love the idea of making a 'nice' cream out of our favourite desserts.  I also love different textures so this week I have been making apple crumble 'nice' cream with the smoothness of ice cream, the softness of cooked apples and a crunchy, nutty, oaty crumble.  The sweetness comes from the ripe bananas, apple and sultanas, so no need to add any other sweetness.   It is also low fat.

Why not try it? It would be a great dessert for the bank holiday.

Apple crumble 'nice' cream
Serves 2 generously 

3 large ripe bananas, peeled, chopped and frozen 
For the 'apple crumble'
1 apple, peeled, cored and chopped
pinch cinnamon
60g oats
20g flaked almonds
20g sultanas
olive oil spray

Place the chopped apple in a saucepan with a tablespoon water and a pinch cinnamon. Cook over a medium heat until softened. Stir in the oats, flaked almonds and sultanas. Spray a baking tray with olive oil spray and tranfer the apple and oat mixture to a baking tray.  Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes then allow to cool. 
Whiz the frozen bananas up in a high speed blender until smooth.  Stir in the apple and oat mixture reserving some for the topping and divide between dishes.  Top with the remaining apple and oat mixture.

Recipe © 2016 40plusandalliswell

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