My thoughts - Earth Day 22nd April 2017

In recognition of Earth Day which this year falls on 22nd April and which seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues, I would like to give you an update on the fracking situation in the UK.  The legal battle to stop fracking in Lancashire has been lost and it is looking as if nothing can stop fracking going ahead now.  But just why are we allowing this to happen when all the indicators are that it is detrimental to our environment and our wellbeing? In countries that have allowed fracking there  has been found that there is a risk to health from water contamination.  There has also been an increase in the incidences of asthma and other respiratory illness.

Fracking is only a short term solution -  we will have to find renewable alternatives soon, so why not now?  We are custodians of this earth and it is our duty to look after it for future generations.  Most people do feel this way- the protests show that the people don't want fracking.  

What can we do?  I can only suggest that we continue with the fight.  A key measure you can take is to switch to a green energy supplier and find out if your bank funds fracking - if it does, switch banks.  You could also try to record sightings of wildlife and use this as evidence that fracking is not appropriate in your area.  Keep writing to your MP.

With the news of a forthcoming election there is also a chance to vote for a party opposed to fracking.

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