Coconut- an Anti-Aging Wonder Food

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Never tried coconut? Not only do coconuts taste great, they have powerful anti-aging properties. Here’s just some of their amazing anti-aging benefits:

  • Coconuts have antioxidant properties.This means they neutralise the free radicals which our bodies generate- free radicals are the “mean molecules” that age us. Antioxidants also have a positive effect on immunity and where immunity is strong, cancer is less likely.
  • Coconuts have medium chain saturated fat.  The jury's out about coconut oil and heart health. Although coconut oil raises good HDL cholesterol, it also raises LDL, the baddie but to a lesser extent.Until further research establishes the effect on heart health, it is best to limit ccconut and other fats to no more than 20-35% of your daily calories.  You should also include in this 'allowance' fats from nuts, seeds and oils such as olive oil.
  • Coconut boosts metabolism (our metabolism can reduce by about 10% each decade).
  • Coconuts are a source of calcium, protecting against osteoporosis.
  • Coconut oil is a rich moisturiser and even has a SPF of around 10, protecting from the damaging UVA rays which age our skin. It can even be made into a hair mask to leave hair silky and smooth.
  • Coconut may help prevent Alzheimer's.  
  • Coconut flesh is rich in fibre which keeps our bowels healthy and helps prevent bowel cancer.

So although coconut may not be the 'wonder food' it has been claimed to be it is still well worth including in your diet.

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