Three yoga poses for a beach ready body

Summer is here, and the beach beckons! Here are three yoga poses that will help you achieve your best shape this summer. 

(p.s. These poses aren't for you if you are pregnant or have disc problems.) 

Let's kick off with Fierce Pose. This tones shoulders, legs and abdominals. 

Stand tall with your arms by your sides, chest lifted, feet together and a yoga block (or cushion) between your thighs. Take a breath in, and take your arms up to shoulder width as you bend your knees deeply.  Imagine you are about to sit in a chair that is just a little too far back.  Squeeze your thighs together, tuck your tailbone under, and lift your chest.  If your neck allows you can look up at your hands, if not, look straight ahead. Hold for 10 breaths if you can, and with each breath out draw your naval back to your spine.  

Boat Pose. This is fab for toning abdominals. Ahoy there flat tummy! 

Sit with your knees bent towards the ceiling and hold onto the backs of your thighs.  Be sure that if your 'boat' sinks you will not hit your head on anything behind you! That wouldn't be good. Bring your shins parallel to the ceiling as you rock back onto your sit bones.  Don't let your lower back round, and keep your chest lifted.  If you feel stable, stretch your arms forward.  If this variation is too much you could do the 'anchored' Boat variation with your hands behind your hips for support. To come out of the pose lower your feet to the floor as you sit upright. 

Finish with a reclined twist to tone your waistline.

Lie with your knees bent, and a block between your thighs.  Take your arms out to shoulder height.  Breathe in and as you breathe out, let your knees fall to the right.  If it feels comfortable for your neck, turn your head to the left.  Hold for five breaths then inhale and lift your knees back up, centre your head.  Repeat on the other side.
This pose is great for detoxyfying too.

Have a great time on the beach this summer!

Janet x

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