Why eat organic?

At first, organic fruit and vegetables might not seem to be the smart option- expensive, sometimes less “pretty”, and smaller in size than you might be used to. However, there are several very good reasons to choose organic.

Do you really want to be eating over 40 pesticide residues with your apple? Avoiding pesticide residues is the major reason to go organic. You can’t even rinse the pesticides off, otherwise farmers would need to re-spray each time it rained. 

Eating organic fruit and vegetables therefore reduces your ‘toxic load’.  According to the journal of the National Cancer Institute up to 75% of cancer is caused by diet and environmental factors- and a big factor in this is pesticide intake. I will be posting more on this soon.

As well as reducing your toxic load, organic fruit and vegetables also have up to 50% more nutrients including antioxidants, in particular vitamin C.  These are the ‘good guys’ that neutralise free radicals in the body- which if left unchecked age us, lead to heart disease and cancer and lowered immunity.

Oh, and one more (rather tasty) thing- organic fruit and vegetables have far more flavour than non-organic. Once you have tasted an organic carrot you will never want the non-organic kind again!

The expense of organic fruit and vegetables is an issue for many people. The good news, however, is that you don’t always have to go organic to avoid pesticides. The Environmental Working Group have produced a list of fifteen fruits and vegetables that are safe to eat non-organic, called the ‘Clean 15’. Check out as well the “Dirty Dozen”- the most important fruit and vegetables to buy organic. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford all organic, these are the ones to focus on.

More on organic food soon- in the meantime, happy eating!

Love Janet x 

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