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I am always looking for ways to reduce my toxic load.  For this reason I try to be careful what I eat, eating organic foods wherever possible.  Recently, I have become increasingly aware of what I put on my skin.  Our skin absorbs much of what we put onto it, so we need to make sure that what we do put on our skins is nourishing us.
 Commercial skin cleansers may be harsh and drying, and the antibacterial cleansers may contain harmful chemicals.  Never use soap to cleanse your face.  Soap is alkaline, and destroys the protective, more acidic coating on the skin. This leaves the skin exposed to bacteria, which in turn may lead to breakouts.  Soap is also drying, which makes the skin overcompensate by producing oil.  Again, this may lead to breakouts.   Soap residue on your face may take up to forty rinses to remove.
Given the inadequacies of commercial cleansers, you may like to try the oil cleansing method to remove make up and cleanse your skin.   I use my favourite oil, coconut.  Make sure it is organic unrefined extra virgin coconut oil.  Coconut oil is non-irritant and is antibacterial.  Do not worry about the oil making your skin more oily if you are prone to oily skin- oil cleansing can in fact resolve oily skin issues as well as skin dryness.  Do be aware, though, that as impurities are initially drawn out, you may experience some initial breakouts- but stay with it and your skin should quickly improve.
Here's how to remove make-up and cleanse your skin with coconut oil.  You will need organic cotton pads and a face flannel. You may want to put a soft headband on to keep your hair off your face.
Place coconut oil on the palm of your hand.  In cold weather you may have to rub your hands together to 'melt' the oil. I like to add a single drop of essential oil to the coconut oil.  Lavender, my favourite,  is anti-inflammatory, and so will reduce redness.  It is also antibacterial, and so is good if you are prone to acne; and because it helps boost circulation, bringing revitalising oxygen to the skin, it also helps prevent wrinkles.  Geranium also boosts circulation, and is toning, which helps to prevent sagging skin. German chamomile is another to try, as it helps skin regeneration.
Massage the oil into your skin thoroughly, and then wait for a minute to allow make up to 'loosen'.  Be especially gentle with the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.
Remove make up with organic cotton pads.
Rinse flannel in hot(-ish) water and squeeze the excess water out.  Hold the flannel up to your face for 30 seconds to draw out impurities then rinse your face with warm water.  Pat the skin to dry-do not rub. Your skin should feel clean, soft and moist.
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