Superfood in Season - kale

Hey Popeye, forget spinach, kale has more oomph.
Here are just some of the benefits of including kale in your diet.

  • Kale is rich in folic acid which reduces homocysteine.  High homocysteine is a risk for heart disease and stroke.  Also if you have low levels of foleate in your blood, your may develop anaemia.
  • Kale is a source of iron.  This is especially important for vegans who do not have animal sources of iron.  It is best absorbed if eaten with a source of vitamin C.
  • Kale provides antioxidants such as vitamins A and C along with carotenoids and flavonoids which slow aging and reduce the risk of cancer.  
  • Kale is a source of vitamin K which is important for bone health and blood clotting.
  • Kale is a source of calcium, which is again important for vegans.
  • Kale provides lutein and zeaxanthin which promote eye health (see 'Love your eyes' coming next week).

Here is a simple way to enjoy kale.
Saute with a little oil, and chopped almonds.  Serve as a side.
Also in season for you to enjoy

Fruit and vegetables always taste better in season so make the most of them.
Janet x

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