Surprising superfood – chocolate

Being on a healthy diet does not mean that you have to miss out on the pleasure of chocolate. In fact, chocolate can be good for you. Not the sort that is full of sugar and dairy but raw cacao has several benefits.  For instance it lowers insulin resistance.   Insulin resistance, a condition where your body produces insulin but does not use it effectively, can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes.  Chocolate also is rich in the antioxidant, resveratol, which helps protect against such conditions as heart disease, cancer and aging.  Another way it protects from heart disease is by increasing ‘good’ cholesterol in your blood while at the same time lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Here is a way for you to enjoy raw cacao 

Double chocolate buns
Makes 10

70g rice flour
30g organic raw cacao
100g organic virgin coconut oil
10g stevia
1 egg
1tsp baking powder
100ml milk

For the chocolate ‘cream’ topping
Solid portion of can organic full fat coconut milk
1 tbsp organic raw cacao

1. Cream coconut oil and stevia.  
2. Sieve rice flour, cacoa powder and baking powder together and add to the mixture together with the egg.  
3. Add milk to form creamy mixture with no lumps of coconut oil.  
4. Spoon into baking cases and bake at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes until firm.
5. Place on a cooling rack and when cool top with coconut ‘cream’ topping.
6. To make the coconut ‘cream’ topping, whisk the coconut milk solids with raw cacao until the mixture resembles whipped cream.  You can use the remainder of the can of coconut milk in smoothies or curries.

Enjoy this guilt-free indulgence

Janet x

Recipe Copyright © 2014 40plusandalliswell

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