Love your circulation

Our blood flow and lymph flow may be something we hardly ever think about but poor circulation of blood can lead to fatigue, pain, tingling and numbness in the hands and feet, muscle cramps, swollen ankles and heavy legs etc.  Poor circulation of lymph can lead to infections and build up of toxins.  Unlike the blood circulation which has a 'pump', the heart, the flow of lymph relies on peristalsis (alternate contraction and relaxation) of lymphatic vessels and gravity.

Here are some of the ways you can keep your circulation healthy:-

  • Exercise- exercise that increases your heart rate gets your blood moving round your body and also helps the flow of lymph.  Balance this with yoga which releases tension in the muscles which could impede blood flow. For more ways that yoga can help with circulation see my article Also you might want to practice with me on my YouTube video to help boost your circulation
  • Maintain a healthy weight - if you are overweight, losing weight will help improve circulation of both blood and lymph.  Rather than go on a 'diet', make healthy changes to your diet that you can enjoy and continue.
  • Eat for healthy circulation - plenty of fruit and vegetables provides the antioxidants which prevent free radicals damaging blood vessels.  Fruit and vegetables also are a source of vitamin C especially oranges, kiwi, and peppers. Vitamin C is a blood thinner, preventing clots that would impede flow. Include wholegrains such as quinoa, brown rice, bulgar wheat etc which stabilise blood sugar levels. Beans, legumes, tofu provide protein in a form that reduces cholesterol, which can block arteries. Make sure you eat healthy fats such as coconut oil and olive oil.  Did you know that coconut oil can improve circulation by slightly raising body temperature? Also make sure you get your omega 3s in hemp oil, flaxseed oil, marine algae or oily fish if you are not vegan/vegetarian.  Include nuts and seeds for vitamin E which boosts circulation by widening blood vessels to facilitate flow. Some nuts and seeds are a source of niacin which lowers cholesterol. Avoid transfats in processed foods which clog up the arteries, and sugar as there is a link between sugar consumption and cardiovascular disease.  The healthier your diet also, the less your lymphatic system has to detoxify.
  • Avoid alcohol - drinking too much alcohol can raise blood pressure which strains the heart and arteries.
  • Don't smoke - smoking causes changes in artery walls which lead to plaques being deposited.  
  • Reduce stress with yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Drink plenty - if you are dehydrated, blood volume is depleted, meaning there is less to circulate.
  • Treat yourself to a massage to increase lymphatic flow!  At home try body brushing (more on this to come).

Be healthy, be happy
Janet x

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