Glow with gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans as they celebrate on 24th November.  The very first Thanksgiving took place in 1621.  It had been a hard year for the Pilgrims.  There had been sickness and near starvation but then came a bountiful harvest.  You can imagine how grateful they were.  
Today we have much to be grateful for, our friends and family, our warm homes, our food and so very much more.  So often we take these things for granted but if we take a moment to feel gratitude for the gifts life has bestowed on us it can have measurable effects on your body.
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Here we will focus on how gratitude can effect your wellbeing.  Being grateful each day can:-
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Help with depression, by reducing negative outlook.
  • Relieve stress, by lowering stress hormones
So every morning when you wake, take a moment to think of three things you are grateful for.  You are sure to have a better day.

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