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Some doctors now believe saturated fat is not the villain it has been made out to be in the past.  They are claiming that there is some evidence that saturated fat helps with weight control and is even good for health.  The saturated fat in dairy produce is even associated with a lower risk of heart disease. This may be because dairy foods contain the fat-soluble vitamin D, which is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.  
This news turned everything I thought I knew about nutrition on its head.  But let's think about this for a minute.  When saturated fat was pronounced 'bad' it was replaced by 'healthy' alternatives such as margarines.  Ironically this led to an increase in heart disease. Now we know that these 'good' margarines contained transfats which are the real villains of the piece that cause high cholesterol levels. Transfats are found also in biscuits, cakes, ice cream and ready meals etc.  Look out for 'hydrogenated vegetable oil' on food labels. Happily now margarines are available that do not contain 'hydrogenated vegetable oil'. 
Fat makes food palatable so when we removed saturated fat from our diets we often replaced it with refined carbs which were not good for our cardiovascular health.  
Is this news a licence to eat as much dairy (and red meat if you are not a vegetarian) as you like.  A word of caution. Fats are high calorie. Fat in any form should constitute around 25-35% of your daily calories.  Any more could lead to weight gain and if these leads to obesity that comes with a whole host of health problems. 

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