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If you have never tried dry body brushing now is a good time as it will give you a pre-Christmas detox.  I find dry body brushing is best done in the morning ideally before a shower.  A long  handled brush with natural bristles is best so that you can reach your back. Start with the feet using firm strokes on the top and sole of the foot.  Continue up the legs, always brushing towards your heart.  Next, the arms, not forgetting the armpits where the lymph nodes are (be more gentle here).  Move on to your back.  Be gentle with your chest and abdomen.  When dry brushing your tummy use circular strokes up the right side (ascending colon) and down the left (descending colon).  Avoid brushing your face. Dry body brushing only takes a few minutes but well worth it.  Here are some of the benefits:-

  • Dry body brushing is a form of self-massage which helps the circulation of blood and lymph (see  This will leave your skin glowing.  Improved lymph flow rids the body of toxins and so helps improve cellulite which is associated with build up of toxins. The removal of toxins also reduces stress in your body.
  • Dry body brushing energizes.  Brushing stimulates the meridians, the 'energy channels' of the body, encouraging the flow of chi.
  • Dry body brushing exfoliates the skin.  
  • By stimulating the colon, dry body brushing improves digestion

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