Meatless Monday-A Thanksgiving Special-Stuffed Squash

Serves 2

1 medium squash, cut in two lengthways
spray olive oil
6-8 chestnuts
100g rice
2 tsp boullion
6tbsp frozen sweetcorn kernels
1 red onion, chopped 
6 chestnut mushrooms, sliced
coconut oil
1tsp dried sage
Spray the squash with olive oil and roast at 200 degrees for 40-50 minutes  Make slits in the chestnuts and roast alongside the squash for about 30 minutes.  
Meanwhile cover the rinsed rice and sweetcorn kernels with cold water and add boullion.  Bring to the boil and reduce heat to simmer.  Place a lid on the pan and simmer until all the water is absorbed.
Fry the mushrooms and red onion until soft in a little coconut oil.  Stir into the cooked rice.  Shell and chop the chestnuts and add these.  
Remove the seeds from the squash and stuff the cavity with the rice and vegetable mixture.  
Return to the oven for 10 minutes and serve.

Janet x

Recipe Copyright © 2014 40plusandalliswell

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