Beat the post-Christmas bloat

Christmas can leave you feeling bloated and constipated.  There are several reasons for this. Firstly we tend to eat more sugary treats at Christmas, chocolates, mince pies (vegan hopefully), Christmas cake etc.  The candida in your gut flora love it and flourish.  As their numbers grow, your body responds by retaining fluid to dilute their toxins and this can add inches to your waistline (ouch!).  Alcohol too has a negative effect on gut flora balance and is dehydrating to your body which may lead to constipation.  Make sure you drink plenty of fluids other than alcohol. If you are not used to them, foods high in sulphur such as brussel sprouts can also cause bloating. Sitting watching television does not help either.  Your bowels needs to be massaged by walking or another form of exercise in order to work efficiently.
The solution? Take a probiotic supplement and/or eat probiotic and prebiotic foods. Whereas probiotics deliver 'good' bacteria directly to the gut flora, prebiotics encourage the growth of 'good' bacteria in the gut. Probiotic foods include miso, saukraut, and kimchi. Prebiotic foods include bananas, leeks, onions.
A good digestive system is the basis of good health, so keep yours happy.
Be well, be happy
Janet x

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