In the news - "Most cancer types 'just bad luck"'

BBC News reported on January 2nd that in the journal Science, results of an analysis of various cancer types showed that two thirds were down to chance and not influenced by what we think of as common 'risk factors' such as smoking. Cells in some areas of the body, it would seem, divide more rapidly than others, increasing the chance that a random mutation may take place. See
In my opinion however, this does not mean we have been given the nod to live an unhealthy lifestyle.  A third of cancers, including some of the most deadly cancers' DO remain influenced by lifestyle.  I think the question to ask would be what causes these 'random' mutations?  I accept that a small minority of mutations may be down to chance and that the more rapidly cells divide, the more likely it is that these random mutations will occur. But surely the majority are brought about by exposure to carcinogens: for instance, UV light.  Carcinogens include: exposure to pollution; exposure to household chemicals; medical interventions such as exposure to X-rays; exposure to chemicals in make-up and toiletries; chemicals in foods such as smoked, charred foods; and foods with additives or preservatives. Non-organic meat may also contain hormones and antibiotics, and non-organic fruit and vegetables may be contaminated with pesticides. All of these have the potential to be carcinogens. Did the researchers factor all these out?

My advice would be to adopt a healthy lifestyle, or continue with a a healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercising.  Reduce exposure to chemicals wherever possible: for instance, by eating organic wherever you can.  Eat plenty of antioxidants in fruit and vegetables to neutralise free radicals which attack cells in your body. Use natural household cleaners wherever possible.  For instance, white wine vinegar when diluted is great to clean windows or descale kettles.  Also, use natural cosmetics and toiletries.  For instance, coconut oil is a great moisturiser .  Keep checking back for more advice on this blog.

Stay healthy, stay happy!
Janet xx

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