Milk Thistle liver cleanse and emotional cleanse?

Your liver is your main organ of detoxification. Your poor liver may have been working overtime over the Christmas and New Year.  If your diet is less than ideal it may have to work hard all the time.  

Maybe it’s time to nurture this hard working organ.  Milk thistle has been found to have a protective effect on liver cells and it is a safe herb unless you have a ragweed allergy (still check with a medical practitioner before taking however). Milk Thistle is available as capsules.

Milk Thistle has been found to be of particular benefit in menopause.  An overtaxed liver cannot cope with the extra burden of hormone breakdown.  The result is many of the symptoms we associate with the menopause from weight gain and hot flushes to anxiety and irritability.  Milk Thistle has been found to help with hormone balance. 

In fact in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is related to anger.  This makes sense as if the liver is not regulating insulin levels efficiently, low blood sugar which is accompanied by irritability may result.  

You can also support your liver by reducing alcohol and caffeine, eating fresh foods rather than processed, and organic foods where possible.  If you eat meat, it is especially important to eat organic as non-organic may contain antibiotics and growth hormone.  Try to drink filtered water and if you drink from a plastic bottle use a BPA free one.

Keep your liver happy-be healthy
Janet x

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