New Beginnings – stay young by opening up to new possibilities

On the yoga blog, flexiladiesyoga I have been looking at the ways yoga can help you open up to new possibilities.  There is an article and a YouTube video for you if you would like to have a look

Trying new things can help us stay young.  When we try new things we create new neural connections in our brains and this is not the only benefit for your brain.  When we try a new experience, the dopamine levels in our brain increase. Dopamine helps you feel good and increases self-esteem.  It tends to decline with age, so new experiences can help restore more youthful levels. 

If trying something new involves going to a class, then this is better still.  People with good social networks are less susceptible to viruses, sleep better and have reduced risk of dementia.

Hobbies and new experiences also help reduce stress which can be very detrimental to health.  See When you are totally focused on a hobby or new experience we cannot be fretting over things that have happened or things that may happen in the future.

So make time for fun, whether it is gardening, cooking, dancing, playing an instrument, bird watching or whatever else takes your fancy.

Stay young

Janet x

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