Sundae Best

Brighten up your weekend with this no added sugar ‘dessert’ breakfast

Serves 1

4 heaped tbsp granola (Please see the following link for my recipe for sugar free coconut, pumpkin seed, almond and pecan granola 

To the basic recipe I added some cranberries that I had left over from Christmas.  You could add chopped figs or dates too.

4 tbsp plain soya yogurt

Fruit of your choice, I used mango and raspberries.

Stevia to taste

Place your choice of fruit at the bottom of a sundae dish or tumble sprinkle with stevia if using.  Add 2 tbsp soya yogurt, then 2 tbsp granola.  Repeat the layering, ending with granola and more fruit to decorate.                        
Janet x

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