Creative Visualisation

On the yoga blog we have been looking at sankalpa, intention This is a way of 'planting' an idea into your subconscious, for example 'I am healthy'.  The subconscious will then endeavour to manifest this idea so that the idea becomes reality.  

An extension of this is creative visualisation.  In your mind you create what you want in your life, then offer it up to the universe to fulfill.  This involves clearing out negativity from your body which prevents you from achieving your desires. As an example perhaps you would like a better job, but believe that you do not 'deserve' success, or you may believe your friends would be envious, so you may lose their friendship.  All these ideas need to be released in order for you to focus on the positive and achieve your desire.Think about what life would be like if you had your better job now.  How would things be different. Think about the changes the better job has brought in as much detail as you can.

Your desire may be for better relationships, success in your career, a better financial situation, improved health or appearance, or even a more peaceful world.  It is a good idea to write down your desires.  Write it in the present tense as if it had already happened.  Then write down how this would change things for you again using the present tense in as much detail as you can.  Finally offer your desire up to the universe to fulfill.  Keep your written desire handy and read it often or use it as part of your meditation.  

So how does creative visualisation work? When you create your heart's desire in your mind you fool your subconscious into helping you to achieve it.  

I would love to hear from you, let me know how you go on.

May you find true happiness
Janet x

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  1. I believe that visualisation can be used to improved your personal life like for the athletes.


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