Forgive for a longer life

On the yoga blog, Flexiladies yoga, I have been looking at how yoga can help you let go of the past.  Central to the process of letting go of things from the past that no longer serve you, is forgiving yourself and others.  This can be a really difficult thing to do and indeed some of the atrocities committed in this world do seem unforgivable. 

Forgiving does not mean that you condone the other person’s behaviour, nor does mean you will forget but what it does mean is that you will try and see the other person’s point of view, that you will look for something positive in the situation and you will remember the times that you have been forgiven.  The thing is, if you do not forgive, the people concerned will probably not even be aware of it and you will be putting yourself in a self-imposed ‘prison’ of hurt, anger and resentment.  Forgiveness requires you to be generous and compassionate. 

In terms of your health, the inability to forgive is AGING.  Studies show that people who forgive live longer.  They are less stressed which in turn means that their immune systems are healthy.  This means that they are at less risk of cancer (a healthy immune system deals with any ‘rogue’ cells) and the inflammatory response is kept in check.  Inflammation underlies many ‘degenerative’ diseases such as cardiovascular disease, some types of arthritis, and type 2 diabetes.  Reduced stress also means the risk of high blood pressure is reduced, along with other stress related illnesses such of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, migraine, and even back pain.  The incidence of anxiety and depression is also reduced so that in other words forgiving benefits your physical, mental and emotional health.

For more help on forgiveness and letting go of the past please see the video and article on Flexiladiesyoga

Open your heart, forgive and stay young.

Janet x

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