Share the love- it’s good for you!

It’s Valentine’s Day soon which is associated with romantic love. Everyone needs love in their lives but it doesn’t have to be romantic love: it could be love for a family member, a friend or even a pet. So what is so special about ‘this thing called love.’  As well as being good for your wellbeing, it's good for your health. 

When we love someone, levels of dopamine and serontin in the brain increase.  These neurotransmitters lift our mood so that we are less likely to suffer from depression. 

Having love in our lives also means that we are less likely to be stressed.  Reduced stress has many health benefits for our blood pressure, heart health and hormone health 
When stress is reduced this gives our immune system a boost, so that we are less likely to suffer from colds etc.  A healthy immune system also means that the inflammatory response in the body is more likely to be controlled.  Inflammation in the body is caused when the immune system goes into ‘overdrive’. The inflammatory response in fact underlies many diseases (some would say all) including heart disease, diabetes, migraines, some types of arthritis and many more.

Another hormone, oxytocin also increases when we are in love.  This hormone helps us feel connected to others, which is important for our self-esteem and psychological stability.

Finally, when we love someone we are more likely to take good care of ourselves, which has to be good for our health. 

Wishing you abundant love in your life

Janet x

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