In the news ''Low-fat diet 'burns more fat''''

BBC News last week reported that ''Low-fat diet 'burns more fat.'''
The research reported in the BBC News which led to the conclusion that ''Low-fat diet 'burns more fat''', has been criticised for using diets that were so low fat that they could not be applied to real life.  I also agree with cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra that low fat diets could lead to nutritional deficiencies. Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble so a low fat diet could result in a deficiency in these vitamins. Vitamin A is important for eye health (and it helps keep those wrinkles at bay!!), vitamin D is important for bone health, vitamin E is essential for the immune system and protecting our bodies from the effects of pollution (its good for dry skin and wrinkles too!), while vitamin K is essential for blood clotting.  
Your body cannot make essential fatty acids so you must take them in through your diet. Fats should make up about a third of your calories.  BUT there are fats and fats.  Saturated fat should be limited. You may be surprised that coconut has 30g saturated fat per 100g (which is more than butter). However coconut has no effect on cholesterol levels and is even beneficial for heart health. Such plant based saturated fat tends to be the exception. It is saturated fat from meat, and dairy that may be more damaging although science is now challenging this view. See Fish oils are indeed beneficial for heart health, but if you eat salmon you may want to eat wild salmon. See Even cheese is no longer the 'baddie' it was once considered. Studies suggest that the combined saturated fat and calcium are not as damaging as saturated fat alone.  More research may be needed to confirm this.  The real villains are transfats which include hydrogenated vegetable oil and which are found in some processed foods.  These are known to raise cholesterol levels. 

If you avoid processed foods and have coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds you can continue to include fats in your diet, but, as always remember, everything in moderation.  

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