Earth Day 2015, Wednesday 22nd April

On the yoga blog there is a grounding practice which will re-establish your roots to the earth. When we become ungrounded we may suffer with anxiety or feel stressed. There is also a grounding meditation on the video

Earth Day is a celebration of our beautiful planet which hopefully inspires us to take more care of Mother Earth. What better way to connect with her than spending time outdoors? 
In the UK at this time of year everything is so very beautiful.  The trees are bursting into leaf and the blackthorn blossom, which appears before the leaves, is spectacular.  On my daily walk the other day, I went through a field with a blackthorn hedge.  It looked like a wall of snow.  The daffodils are still with us and the first tulips are in bloom in the garden.  Out in the wooded areas wood violets, wood anemones have appeared as well as the first bluebells. Marsh marigolds have grown by streams.  
On the river there are ducklings now and in York, the resident geese now have goslings.  In the garden there seemed to be a unanimous decision among the birds to start building their nests.  Over the winter, a blue tit nested in my nest box (I have a camera in there).  In March she left but last week she returned to 'spring clean' 'her' box, which was full of poo!!  Then the nest building began and as I write there is a nearly completed nest. In the fields the lambs are growing up and the oil seed rape is like a golden sea.
Each season and every place on earth has its own beauty and its own bounty. Think of the luscious summer fruits, the autumn apples, pears and pumpkins and how the earth always provides for us. 
If you feel inspired to give a little back, here are some of the ways you can help protect our beautiful earth for future generations.   

  • Use environmentally friendly products or use store cupboard ingredients as cleaners. For instance half a cup of white wine vinegar in a litre of warm water is a good window cleaner. You can also use it undiluted to clean shower heads.  The smell of vinegar disappears as it dries.  You can mix baking soda with a little water to make a paste that is a good oven cleaner.  Spread the paste over the inside of the oven leaving the heating elements clear. Leave overnight clean off with a cloth soaked in dilute white wine vinegar next day.
  • Take a shower instead of soaking in the bath to save water.  Reuse washing up water to water the garden.
  • Plant a tree
  • Plant bee friendly plants
  • Reuses left overs where safe to do so.
  • Buy local, organic produce
  • Have at least one meat-free day each week
  • Walk or cycle short distances
  • Opt for paperless billing to save trees
  • Do not leave electrical appliances on standby
  • Insulate your home (loft insulation)
  • Think about installing solar panels to generate electricity

Love your earth, and it will give you so much more back

Janet x

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