Organic gardening update

After a slow start there are now signs of life in the greenhouse.  At the moment the beetroot is growing well and is almost ready for planting out in the raised bed.  

The cucumbers are doing well too and have been potted on.  This means moving the stronger plants on to bigger pots to allow them more space to grow.  

The aubergines and tomatoes should be ready to pot on soon too.  

Disappointingly the onions are not showing any growth as  yet.  A more experienced neighbour started onions earlier in February and kindly gave me some of hers that she had started, so onion growing is still a possibility.  

I have also decided to grow potatoes after seeing a local farmer planting a potato crop while out for my power walk.  For potato growing you need to buy some seed potatoes from your local garden centre. 

Potatoes can be earlies, second earlies, middles or lates so if you want to plant them now you need to buy middles (check at your garden centre).  Potatoes need to be grown where they will get plenty of sun in a well drained soil. If you are planting middles there is no need to 'chit' the seed potatoes but ealies and second earlies benefit from chitting.  This means putting them in egg boxes, placing them in a frost free position and allowing them to sprout. This is something to bear in mind if you get hooked on potato growing and want to plant earlies or middle earlies next year.  When planting the seed potatoes, place them at a depth of 10cm and 75cm apart.  The end that looks like it might sprout should be placed upright. 

Elsewhere in the garden raspberry canes are coming into leaf

The chives are growing well

  as is the parsley

Please see also my blog article 'It's spring-the organic fruit and vegetable gardening year begins'

I'll keep you posted of further developments
Happy gardening
Janet x

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