'Here we go gathering nuts in May'

'Here we go gathering nuts in May'. Alright, I know the rhyme makes little sense because nuts are harvested in autumn.  The rhyme originally referred to 'knots' of flowers gathered to celebrate May Day.

What does make sense though is to include nuts in your daily diet.  My favourite nut is the walnut, a tree nut.

Our ancestors looked at the walnut which resembles the brain and thought that it must be good for your brain (doctrine of signatures).  It's true!  Walnuts in rich in omega 3 which is proven to benefit brain health, enhancing motor and cognitive functioning of your brain as you age.  This is because walnuts help develop neurotransmitters which help the brain function. Omega 3 is also anti-inflammatory and may help prevent blood clots which lead to stroke. But that's not all:-  

Walnuts are good for your heart in that they help lower cholesterol levels.  They also help heart health by lowering  blood pressure and preventing abnormal heart rhythms.     

Walnuts are rich in antioxidants, in particular an antioxidant that supports the health of the liver. Your liver is your major organ of detoxification so it is important that this organ stays healthy. Antioxidants also prevent free radical damage to your skin, helping your skin stay young and along with omega 3 promote brain health.  

Because walnuts are rich in fibre and omega 3 fatty acids and they can help with weight loss. Snacking on walnuts means you tend to eat less overall so that although they are high calorie they have a place in weight loss diets.  

If you need another beauty benefit to convince you, walnuts contain vitamin B7 which strengthens your hair preventing hair fall out and it even promotes hair growth.  

Walnuts also lower the risk of cancer, including breast cancer and prostate cancer by reducing levels of the hormone IGF-1.  They may even slow the growth of these cancers.

Just one ounce (25g) is all you need daily to reap these benefits so its worth including walnuts all year, not just in May!!

Stay healthy, stay happy
Janet x

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