Getting to the bottom of cellulite

As a yogini, I have learned 'acceptance'. This means that although my body may not be perfect, I accept myself just as I am. Hey ho, life's too short to get hung up about such things.
In fact as many as 90% of women have cellulite, mainly on bottom and thighs. Cellulite is fat that pushes against connective tissue causing the dimpled appearance. Even skinny ladies do not escape. 'Miracle' creams have limited, if any, effect but there are some things you can do to help. 

The fact that men are not affected by cellulite would suggest that cellulite has a hormonal connection. The culprit seems to be oestrogen which encourages fat storage on the thighs.  Yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation can help with hormone balance.

Cellulite often develops due to poor circulation. Please see 
Smoking can impede circulation so for this and many other reasons, please try to kick the habit. 
Another way you can boost circulation is with dry body brushing. For more on this please read
Exercise is key to increasing circulation. Power walking is trendy at the moment so you might want to give it a try

Limit your salt intake as this can lead to fluid retention. A couple of handfuls of Epsom salts in your bath, will help rid your body of excess sodium. Epsom salts, also reduce inflammation due to the magnesium content and also boost circulation. You can buy Epsom salts in bulk quite cheaply on the internet. Do not think however that you can reduce fluid retention by cutting back on your fluid intake. The very opposite is true: you need to stay hydrated to help rid your body of toxins.  

Toxins are another reason for the formation of accumulation of toxins. To help prevent toxic build up try to eat organic, limit red meat, caffeine, alcohol and try to have plenty of fruit and vegetables. If you are not already a healthy weight, try to shed excess through focusing on eating healthily. Yoga poses that encourage elimination such as twists also help your body get rid of toxins.  

Cellulite tends tends to get worse with age. This is because of changes in collagen which allow fat to give this dimpled appearance. Again there are some things you can do to help prevent this.  Please see

The bottom line (excuse the pun!) is cellulite is not harmful to your health so please do not worry too much, just appreciate your beautiful body.

Janet x

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