Microplastics in facial scrubs

I watched an episode of BBC's 'Springwatch' recently which highlighted the use of microparticles of plastic in our facial scrubs and the impact this has on the environment. Apparently these micropartcles, which we wash down the sink are affecting even zooplankton in the sea causing them to have fatal blockages. Remember these microscopic animals form the foundation of the food chain so that there will be a knock on effect for all of marine life and ultimately us.  

Now, anything that upsets our delicate ecosystem, upsets me. Springwatch have secured promises from manufacturers to curb their use of microplastics but you can play a part by not buying them (check the labels). Maybe you could try making your own using oil, sugar or salt, and one drop of an essential oil such as rose otto or lavender? I used 1 tbsp almond oil with 2 tablespoons white sugar (brown sugar is better for sensitive skins as it is softer) and 1 drop of  lavender.  Rub the mixture into your skin avoiding the delicate area around your eyes, rinse off with warm water then splash your face with cold water.  

Almond oil is one of my favourite moisturising oils (my other favourite is coconut oil!). Almond oil also is rich in vitamins A, and E which are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants helping soothe irritated skin leaving it looking younger.

Although, I never encourage you to eat sugar, it is great to use on your skin as we are doing here to remove dead skin cells.  It also hydrates your skin and encourages cell turnover. 

Read more about lavender by following this link 

Stay beautiful  
Janet x

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