Organic garden update June

The organic garden is going well at the moment BUT it has been a learning curve.  The tomatoes were looking like they were not going to fruit again this year :( .  Then we learned we were looking after them a little too well by continuing to feed them with nitrogenous fertiliser (organic of course).  The tomato plants were 'too happy' and did not show signs of fruiting.  Time for some tough love.  Sure enough our tomato plants have now flowered :) so we are eagerly awaiting the fruit.

Tomato plants

Tomato flower close up

Our lettuce is now ready to cut.

The potatoes are doing well and will be ready to harvest when they flower.

The  beetroot too are growing well in spite of transplanting them.  Again this was a learning curve. We grew them in seed trays which apparently you should not do.  You should plant beetroot direct in the ground. Not wanting to 'waste' too much ground space on plants that were likely to die we re-planted some in large pots.  To our joy we now have baby beets!  I think we have been very lucky.

Beetroot in pots

Beetroot in the ground

The cabbage are romping on.  We have never seen cabbage growing before and its been an education.  What seemed to be an unruly mass of leaves is now actually forming into a formed cabbage.


The onions are now ready for thinning out to give the remaining ones more room to grow but the ones that we remove will not be wasted.  They are spring onions, perfect for salads.  I never knew that!

Onions ready to thin

The leeks are coming on too.


As for the herbs we have a good crop of chives, parsley and mint.




We are still waiting for the raspberries to form and for the blackcurrants to ripen but if it's anything like last year I will have to be quick off the mark or the birds will beat me to it!!

Last but not least, the cucumbers and aubergines.



Rhubarb - We have already talked about the rhubarb harvest. Please see the link which includes rhubarb crumble cake recipe! 

If you would like to see our organic gardening journey so far this year, please see the links below

'It's spring, the organic fruit and vegetable year begins!' -

More updates soon.

Happy growing and eating!

Janet x

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