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Recently I have begun using crystals. If you are thinking of using them too but don't know where to start I hope this blog post will help.

What are crystals? Crystals are formed deep in the earth from molten rock. They cool to form a irregular- and beautiful- shape. Each one is unique.  

How do they work? Each crystal resonates at its own frequency which means that different crystals have different effects on your body, workspace or home. When held close to your body crystals can bring about healing by drawing out negative energies or releasing energy blockages so that positive healing energies can flow. They can also amplify positive healing energies, helping you to achieve a high, healing vibration. In this way they can recharge you physically and mentally. The same is true of your workspace or your home- they can absorb unwanted frequencies from electronic equipment, cleanse your home from negative energies, and help you to create healing sancturies.  

How do I care for my crystals? Because crystals absorb negative energies they need to be regularly 'cleansed'.  There are various ways to do this.  Some can be cleansed using moonlight or sunlight for a period of 24 hours (leave on a windowsill).  Others by holding under running water for five minutes but this depends on the individual crystal.  As you hold the crystal imagine the water is a cleansing waterfall that will carry all the negative energy stored in the crystal away. Be careful because you can damage your crystal by using the wrong method to cleanse them. For instance you should not cleanse amythyst, rose quartz or turquoise with light and do not cleanse selenite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, malachite or halite with water. An effective way of cleansing your crystals is with sound. I use the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl, but you can also use computer generated crystal cleansing sounds or a tuning fork.

How do you choose a crystal? Choose the crystal initially that you feel drawn to. You intuitively know what you need so trust yourself to choose the right crystal- you'll be surprised how accurate you are. Later on, you may want to to purchase a crystal for a specific purpose. For instance you may want a crystal to help heal headaches, to aid meditation or to relieve stress. I will give you more guidance on this in future blog posts.

Hope this is helpful

Janet x

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