Using crystals to clear negative energies

We all have an aura, an energetic body which surrounds our physical body. The aura is linked to your physical body through the chakras which are spinning energy vortexes. We have seven major chakras and each chakra is associated with a colour. I will be talking more about using crystals to balance the individual chakras in another blog post.

Our auras can become cluttered by our own negative energies from our negative thoughts, and emotions or it can pick up the negative energies from the thoughts and emotions of other people. If your aura is not cleared of these energies they start to affect us physically eventually manifesting as health problems.

Crystals can help protect you from negative energies, strengthen your aura, and clear your aura. Quartz is a good crystal to start with because being clear it has the entire spectrum of light which can be split to form all the colours of the chakras. Make sure that your crystal is cleared of negative energies before your begin your aura cleanse (see  

Below is a step by step guide to meditating on the crystal to clear negative energies.
  1. Sit comfortably in a cross-legged position or on a chair with the crystal in your hand. Take a good look at your crystal noting its colour and shape then gently close your eyes.
  2. Visualise all the negative energy that you have created in your aura pouring into the crystal. This negative energy may be from stress, guilt, grief, anger, irritability etc.  Let it all go into the crystal.  
  3. Next visualise all the negative energy you have picked up from other people and which is now cluttering your aura, pouring into the crystal.  Give all this negative energy over to the crystal.  
  4. Now visualise a beam of white light entering the crystal and destroying all the negative energy and filling the crystal with a calm, loving energy. See this energy entering your body through the hand in which you are holding the crystal and from there filling your entire body with calm, loving energy.  
  5. Sit for a while noticing how you feel and when you are ready start to breathe more deeply then gently open your eyes to continue with your day, cleansed, restored, refreshed and renewed.
Stay healthy,
Janet x


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