Crystals for healing - headaches including migraine headaches

I think that I have mentioned before that I sometimes have migraines with aura. One of my 'tools' to prevent migraines is to use a crystal.  Sometimes I use a crystal along with a visualisation and other times I use crystal with a mudra (hand gesture).

My favourite crystal for preventing and healing headaches, including migraine headaches is lapis lazuli.  This is especially good if the kind of migraine you get is so disorientating that you vomit. Watching a pantomime with strobe lighting did this to me - it was the first time I realised that strobe lighting had this effect on me.  Now I simply close and cover my eyes!

For preventing migraine, lie down with the lapis lazuli on your forehead. Visualise the energy from the crystal entering into your head and unblocking any 'stuck' energy in your head which may cause you to have a headache or migraine. You can do this daily if you suffer from headaches often.

If you are already suffering from a headache or migraine visualise the negative energy that is the cause of your headache or migraine entering into the crystal as black smoke. Now see a beam of white light focused on the crystal, destroying the black smoke and relieving your headache or migraine.

Alternatively use a crystal combined with a mudra. Lie down as before with crystal on your forehead.  Bring the tips of your index finger, middle finger and thumb together. Bring your ring finger to the base of the thumb and have the little finger pointing straight forward. The mudra should be held for 6-8 minutes.  While you hold the mudra visualise cooling blue light emanating from the crystal, concentrating on your head, soothing and healing.

Other crystals can help with headaches too. Rose quartz and clear quartz can help with pain. If your crystal has a pointed end, have that facing away from your head, as you hold the flat side of the crystal to your forehead then close your eyes and visualise the pain leaving through the crystal's point. Selenite and ameythyst are good also as both help relieve stress and fatigue which are often the underlying cause of headaches.  

Hope this helps.  

Janet x

NOTE - if you are concerned that your headache has a serious cause, consult your doctor immediately for advice. You should also see your doctor if you suffer from headaches frequently.

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