Organic on a budget

Growing your own food is a cheaper alternative

Many of us now have come to realise the benefits of eating organic. Please see  The main reason many people do not eat organic is the cost and it is true, organic food can be much more expensive than non-organic. Below are some suggestions as to how you might make your organic food budget a little cheaper.

Fruit and vegetables
You do not need to buy all fruit and vegetables organic. For instance foods like cabbage have a natural resistance to pests so do not need much in the way of pesticides. Also the inner leaves are shielded from the pesticides so simply remove these before cooking. For a complete list of fruit and vegetables that are fine to eat non-organic please see 'ewg'-

A cheaper alternative may also be 'unsprayed' produce where the grower may not have been certified as an organic grower but does not spray his produce with pesticides. Here in York we are lucky to have a shop that sells such produce alongside organic produce.  

An even cheaper alternative is to grow your own. Not only is this a cheap option but there is something really satisfying about producing your own food. You feel connected to the earth and you get a sense of appreciation for the effort it takes to grow food.

Cereals, rice, lentils, chickpeas etc 
These are available as 'bulk buys' which work out cheaper than small packets. As they have a long shelf life it is worth stocking up on these basics.

Organic rice milk, soya milk, etc
It is important to buy organic soya milk to avoid GMO soya. You can buy 'long life'  versions of these milks which will keep several months in the cupboard so why not stock up on them when they are on offer at your local supermarket. At such times they may even be cheaper than non-organic. 

Meat and fish 
The same may be true for meat and fish- stock up when they are on offer at your local supermarket and freeze them until needed. I notice at the supermarket where I shop, organic beef mince is actually £1 cheaper than non-organic beef steak mince at the moment.  
As for salmon, it is not worth buying organic.  Please see 'Should I eat salmon' The best salmon to buy is Sockeye wild salmon.

Eat well and cheaply
Janet x

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