Using crystals in your home and workspace

Just as crystals can clear negative energy from your body, they can also clear negative energies from your home and workspace.  

They can also promote positive qualities. Rose quartz, my favourite, promotes loving relationships, selenite promotes a peaceful home. Quartz is an amplifier so it can raise the energy in a room. For this reason do not keep quartz in your bedroom or it may keep you awake! You might want to keep some in your purse though!

Fluorite and sodalite are good for clearing negative energies. Keep some fluorite or sodalite by your computer at home or at work to protect you from electromagnetic emissions. Also do not have quartz near your computer because it will 'amplify' the electromagnetic emissions

At work or even at home you may pick up on other people's negative energy (from their words, thoughts or emotions) and absorb it into your aura. You may also have noticed that when you are with some people they seem to 'steal' your energy making you feel stressed, weary, irritable or uneasy. You may even have anger or jealousy directed at you which can weaken your aura. 

You can help protect yourself from these energies using crystals. Smoky quartz removes any negative energies from your aura, ameythyst can heal any tears in your aura so that your aura is better able to shield you from negative energies, and quartz cleanses and strengthens your aura. If you feel you are under 'psychic attack' at home or at work simply carry a crystal in your pocket (or bra!), or wear one around your neck.

Smoky quartz, quartz or black tourmaline will clear negative energy from a room. One way you can do this is by making a 'crystal grid'.  Place a quartz crystal in each corner of the room with the faceted end (termination) pointing out. If you want to raise the energy of a room you could turn the crystal so that the termination points inwards.

Don't forget to cleanse your crystals before using them. Please see 'Thinking of trying crystals? Start here'

May you be healthy and happy, peaceful and at ease.
Janet x

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