Breast Cancer Awareness Month - do not miss your screening appointment

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

For advice on how to keep your breasts healthy please see 'Love your breasts'- on this blog.  On the yoga blog there are some yoga exercises to help maintain healthy breasts. Please see-'October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month'- 

Every women in the UK over 50 is entitled to a breast scan every 3 years. These breast scans allow breast cancer to be detected early, even before it can be felt as a lump through self-examination (although self-examination is VERY important between scans. Please see Breast Cancer Care's infographic-  It is also important for women under 50 to examine their breasts regularly. Usually just after a period is the best time as breasts can be naturally lumpy before and during a period. 

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 of us so I would urge you to take up your offer of a scan. If it is found early, there is a good chance of recovery.  The bottom line is that breast screening saves lives. 

Aren't X-rays dangerous? - the X-ray dosage is low and the risk of breast cancer is greater. I wouldn't encourage you to have unnecessary X-rays but this is the best way we have, at the moment, of detecting breast cancer.

The other issue that puts women off breast screening is the anxiety. I recently had a breast scan and as I was waiting for my turn in the cubicle, I was reading some of the comments by previous occupants of that cubicle. Nearly all spoke of being extremely anxious about coming.  One lady said that she had been putting her scan off for a year. All, however went on to say that the reassurance and friendliness of the staff had made them glad they had overcome their anxiety to attend. The staff are aware of your anxiety, embarrassment and discomfort and in my experience make every effort to put you at your ease.  

Stay healthy, stay happy
Janet x

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