Crystals for chakra healing-Navel chakra

Your chakras are energy vortexes, where many energy channels meet. There are seven of them arranged in a line down your body and they control not only your bodily functions but your emotions.

The navel chakra is associated with the colour yellow and the element fire.  When in balance you are confident, have clarity of mind and have good digestiion. Out of balance you may be indecisive, fearful, have anger issues, have low self-esteem and digestive issues.  

Crystals for the navel chakra include citrine, tiger's eye and haematite (although black this crystal is yellow and red when powdered).

Try placing your crystal for the navel chakra at your naval as you lie and do the following meditation. It is helpful to record the meditation and play it back to yourself. 

Lie back and allow your body to become relaxed, muscles melting away from the bones. Bring your attention to your breath and without trying to change your breath in any way, just watch your breath as it moves in and out of your body.  As you continue watching your breath, your breath will notice that your breath starts to settle into a smoothe, natural, rhythmical pattern.  Allow a little time for this to happen............

Now sinking below the level of awareness of your breath, imagine you a hot, sunny day and you are on a beach. Picture the scene -the sky is blue, the sun yellow, below the sky there are miles and miles of golden sands and far in the distance a turquoise blue ocean.  
Feel the sand between your toes, a soft, warm breeze against your skin. Hear the seagulls calling, the distant lap of the waves. Taste the saltiness of the air.  
Lie back on the sand and close your eyes.  You feel safe.  As you lie there imagine the golden rays of the sun concentrating on your crystal, filling your crystal with their golden light. Now imagine that golden light entering into your body through your navel. Here the rays destroy any emotions that are no longer serving you - fear, guilt, jealousy, anxiety. Let them go, they have no place in your life. Let your true self shine through: that part of you which is loving, kind, compassionate.

At the end of your meditation, deepen your breath and gently opening your eyes stretch in any way you need to in order to awaken your body.  Turn onto your right side, drawing your knees up and rest there before coming back to seated.
Please make sure that you are fully awake before continuing with your day.

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Be happy, be healthy,
Janet x

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