Down at the allotment

I have some exciting news to share with you - last week I agreed to take on an allotment!!
It is only a quarter plot but plenty big enough for a relative 'newby' to growing. All for the princely sum of £17.50 a year!

In the first few days of having an allotment, I have been touched by the advice I have been given by the other allotment growers and their generosity. 

So let me bring you up to date with what is happening on the allotment. Before I took over one of the allotment users prepared the plot by going over it with a rotivator. This is a machine that turns over the soil. As a result my plot has really fine, loose soil. There is already curly kale growing as well as celeriac and cabbage.  

Kale and celeriac growing

Planting the broad beans, garlic and red onions 

The cabbage growing

Since I have had the plot, I have planted strawberry runners (donated by another allotment grower), broad beans, garlic and red onion bulbs (all donated).

Strawberry runners planted

If you want to grow broad beans, this is the time to sow them. Plant them 2inch deep and 6-9 inches apart (advice from my new friends). If you plant more than one row, leave around 2 foot between rows. Water in. 

To grow garlic, break the bulb into cloves.  Plant each clove 2 inch deep, 6 inch apart. Make sure the pointy end is up, and exposed a little through the soil. Water in. 

To grow red onions, plant the bulbs about 9 inches apart, pointy end up and exposed a little through the soil. Water in. 

Nothing is wasted on an allotment. The outer cabbage leaves go to feed the some chickens and any other waste plant material is composted. Rain water is collected for watering the plants in water butts. 

Look out for more allotment news on this blog!!!

Janet x

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