Granny knew best - an apple a day really does keep the doctor away!

Autumn is here and its the time when English apples really are at to their very best BUT apples are one of the 'dirty dozen' (ewg- so be sure to choose organic.  

Apples are cleansing which is why they are often referred to as the 'body's broom'. This is partly due their fibre content. Much of the fibre content is soluble fibre so as well as encouraging elimination, apples also help lower cholesterol. The cleansing effect of apples is also the reason why apples help keep the joints healthy, helping to prevent arthritis.

The quercetin and vitamin content also supports immunity which is just what we need at this time of year to help ward off autumn sniffles (isn't nature wonderful- producing apples just when the viruses are taking hold).

In this vegan version of bread and 'butter' pudding, the bread and 'butter' pudding tops an apple layer made warming by the addition of cinnamon. If you want to make this into a dessert for Bonfire night, you could add a teaspoon of lacuma to the apples in place of the cinnamon to make 'Toffee Apple Bread and ''Butter'' Pudding'

Apple Bread and 'Butter' Pudding
Serves 4-6

You will need
For the apple layer
500g apples, peeled, cored and sliced
1level tsp cinnamon

For the bread and 'butter' pudding
70g sultanas
300g sliced bread (I made the bread myself to ensure it was vegan)
dairy free spread 
2 heaped tbsp cornflour
2 heaped tbsp stevia
500ml soya milk
1 tsp vanilla essence

Place the apples slices in a saucepan with 2 tbsp water. Cook over a low heat until the apples are soft then stir in the cinnamon.  
Place the apples at the bottom of an ovenproof dish.  

Spread the dairy free spread on the bread, cut the slices of bread into small squares or triangles and arrange half over the apples. Sprinkle on half the sultanas then top with the remainder of the bread then the remainder of the sultanas.  

To make the 'custard', place the cornflour in a saucepan and mix with the stevia. Slowly add the milk, stirring between additions to make a smooth mixture. Warm over a medium heat stirring constantly in a figure of '8'. When the sauce thickens remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Pour over the bread and 'butter'.  

Place in an oven at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Janet x 

Recipe Copyright © 2015 40plusandalliswell


  1. Sounds delicious. Must try it out x

    1. Hope you enjoy it! It certainly disappeared quickly in our house!


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