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In this week's yoga video on my 'sister' blog, we have the intention of silencing our inner critic, our negative ego by cultivating self love and compassion. 

For World COPD Day, see how yoga can help by having a look at this link on my 'sister' blog-

Poor posture can lead to many health problems. These two yoga poses on my 'sister' blog will help correct any posture faults. There is also a link to yoga videos to help with posture-

Yogis think of the body as being composed of 5 layers or sheaths, arranged one inside the other like the layers of an onion. The yogic path to self-realisation involves moving in through the layers to reach the innermost layer, bliss, the part of us that is divine.
In this sequence on my 'sister' blog we explore the physical layer, Annamaya kosha. 

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