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In celebration of Thanksgiving, our mindfulness practice this week is 'Mindful of gratitude'. Please see the link for my 'sister' blog below.
This blog post was include in 'The Mindfulness Daily'- 

New evidence about the gut and neurotransmitters, has led me to create this sequence to boost immunity in preparation for winter colds and flu. Please see my 'sister' blog on the link below.

Yogis think of the body as being composed of 5 layers or sheaths, arranged one inside the other like the layers of an onion. The yogic path to self-realisation involves moving in through the layers to reach the innermost layer, bliss, the part of us that is divine.
We explore the energetic layer, pranamaya kosha, with a breathing technique. 
Please see the link below to my 'sister' blog.

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