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In a troubled world my daily prayer is for peace. Peace begins with each and every one of us. When we have peace in ourselves, we can be at peace with others and this peace can then radiate out into your community and into the world. Take the first step towards peace by practicing this yoga video on my 'sister' blog-

This blog post was included in the magazine 'Compassionate Empowerment News'- and '#Spiritual Wave of Energy # Healing'-

At this time of year our heads are buzzing with so much to do - present buying and wrapping, cards to write, menus to plan, parties. All this energy in our heads can unbalance us and make us stressed. Try this grounding yoga practice on my 'sister' blog to draw energy down and reduce stress-

In our kosha series we have reached 'bliss'. Please see my 'sister' blog to find out what it feels like to access this layer of your being-

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